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Microwave Repair Service

Microwave Repair Service Toronto

This is where science and future meets reality and present. Many years ago it was a theory that something could be heated without fire or other source of warm energy. Anyway, the microwave oven is a marvel of science, available right in our kitchens. To learn how Microwave ovens work check out this [YouTube video].

Because of the nature how microwave ovens work they should always be performed by a licensed professional. It takes a specially trained technician to properly disassemble and repair a microwave. Our technicians are qualified and trained to repair all types and all brands of microwave ovens.

Here is a list of Microwave problems that you might experience:

  • Microwave oven is not heating at all
  • The microwave oven keeps blowing fuses
  • Microwave does not show any signals (lights) at all
  • Front button is broken (damaged)
  • Microwave is producing unusual sound
  • Door is  not closing, pops up
  • Unusual smell comes from  the microwave
  • Microwave sparks continuously

If any of these issues appear, or you might experience a different problem with your microwave – we are here to help! Microwave ovens are quite dangerous and they should be expected and serviced by trained technicians. Please contact Toronto Appliance  Service to speak with one of our technicians on how to solve  your microwave problem.

Fast and professional service while fixing my microwave. If I need appliance repair I know where to go.
Tina (Oakville, ON)
I had a built in microwave that never worked since I moved into my house. Finally I decided to call a technician to take a look and fix my Panasonic microwave. First I had a hard time reaching any technician at all because when ever I call someone I was just getting answering machines – no real person to speak with. I kept going and until I phoned TAS Canada, spoke with a technical support person who was very knowledgeable and next day had a technician who repaired my microwave. Excellent experience – Thank you.
Teresa K. K.
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