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Oven Repair Service

Oven Repair Service

Many people mix oven and stove. This particular  page  is  about oven repair. If you would like to learn more about stove, please visit our stove repair page where we talk more about stoves.  So, let’s clarify first that oven could be and very often it  is part  of the stove. But it can be as an appliance by itself as a stand alone oven. Stoves normally have burners at the top,  oven  in the middle and drawer at the bottom.  On the other hand ovens are  in general stand alone units and often are built in into the kitchen. We have few oven type – electric oven, microwave oven and gas oven. We repair all oven types and you are welcome to call us directly to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

Ovens in general  do not break often, but  if  they do these are some of the most common oven problems:

  • Oven is not heating at all
  • Oven heats, but not enough to bake (only warm)
  • Oven does not show any signals at all
  • Front buttons are broken (damaged)
  • Oven is producing unusual sound
  • Front doors are not opening
  • Front doors are not closing properly
  • I smell gas from my oven
  • stove burners spark continuously
  • stove broiler makes unusual noise

These issues could  be related  to thermostat, sensors, fuses or some other oven problems.  If any of these issues appear, or you might experience a different problem with your oven – we are here to help! The best way to reach us is to give us a phone call first as we might help you with the problem over the phone without charging you anything.  But  sometimes we will not be able to help you over the phone and in that case we will need to send a technician to take a look, diagnose and fix the oven.

When we moved to our new apartment we just learned that our oven is not working. We called the landlord he just ignored our calls so we couldn’t wait and we had to call technician. TAS Canada was the first company that we called. Thank you TAS for helping us solve the problem over the phone and not charging anything for it. Greatest company in the world.
Elenita (Mississauga)
I was on my trip to Winnipeg and my wife called me and informed me that our oven is not working. I submitted few forms online to fix my oven and the fastest response came from TAS Canada. The same afternoon our oven went from not working to WORKING condition. Thank you TAS, great and lightening fast. Happy to be on list of your customers.
Thomasz (Vaughan)
Thank you guys for figuring out the problem and fixing my Oven. Fast service, professional technicians and certainly great price. Overall great experience – that’s how companies should work.
Sameer Dani
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