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Ventilation Hood Repair Service

Technician Fixing Vent Hood

Vent hoods (also known as range hood or exhaust hoods) have become as stylish as they are practical. Most now offer the commercial look of stainless steel yet available anywhere from few  hundred dollars and up. The most expensive part is a motor inside the hood. Motor is also a part that does not get broken but other parts could cause issues over time. Many over-the-range microwave ovens also offer a stainless-steel finish.

There are three different types: under-cabinet range hood, island range hoods, and wall mounted range hoods. Either one you have these are the problems that you might have with your exhaust hoods:

  • Ventilation fan not working
  • Light on the fan not working
  • Motor became too noisy
  • Filters seem to be clogged
  • Hood does not exhaust air
  • Exhaust pipe has been damaged
  • Exhaust pipe has been disconnected
  • Range hood speed button not working

There could be one or multiple issues with the hood at the same time and  we suggest to review some of our solutions listed below and perhaps you will be able to fix your hood by yourself. If that doesn’t help simply give us a call and speak with one of our technicians over the phone! The best way to reach us is to give us a phone call first as we might help you with the problem over the phone without charging you at all.

Over period of time my hood started to work so bad, I mean hood was working but didn’t do any job (was not taking air outside). Technicians from TAS Canada came, replaced two filters that were completely jammed with grease. Very reasonable price and fast service.
Heeba Ewaka
Fast response and extremely professional service. I have saved your contact information in case we need you again. Everything was covered by the warranty and I am one happy camper. Cheers.
Danny Brant (Oakville)
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