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Small Kitchen Appliance Repair and Service

Yes, Toronto Appliance Service (TAS Canada) services small kitchen appliances. We  have many companies that we are authorized services providers so we cover all their home appliances including kitchen appliances. Here is a list of appliances that we service:

  • Blenders and Mixers
  • Rice Cookers
  • Coffee Machines
  • Espresso Machines
  • Waffle Makers
  • Toast Machines (Toasters)
  • Water Boiling Machines
  • Mixers and Slicers
  • Baking Devices
  • Food Processors and Juicers
  • Grills, Griddles and Skillets
  • … all other  electric and electronic appliances and machines

If your device is not on the list – don’t worry – instead – give us a call and we can confirm if we are servicing your small appliance (tool, device or accessory). The best way to reach us is to give us a phone call first as we might help you with the problem over the phone without charging you anything.  However, sometimes we will not be able to help you over the phone and in that case we will need to send a technician to take a look, diagnose and fix any of your small kitchen devices and appliances.

Thank you TAS for servicing my Food Mixer. We are back on track with baking and entertaining. Great Service – 5 STARS.
Adrian M. Jr. (Milton)
All compliments on a express fast service while fixing my blender. I would be happy to recommend you to my friends and family.
Daniella (Toronto Downtown)
In one word – Excellent!
Don from Milton
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