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Wash Machine Repair Service

When it comes to wash machines – now we have several types of wash machines. Starting with classic top loader, then high efficiency top loader, front load wash machine and steam cycle wash machines.  Most common and most popular home appliance wash machines are front loaders. Every one  of them will have their own common issues and problems. In general they don’t require any maintenance and they do keep working for a long time. However, when they do break, most often technician is required to fix the machine.

Bellow you  will find several problems that could raise up when it comes to wash machines:

  • Wash machine is  not starting at all
  • Wash machine does not fill with water
  • Wash machine does  not drain the water
  • Wash machine is  not heating water
  • Washer is vibrating much more than normally
  • Front doors are not closing properly
  • Front doors are not opening at all
  • Washer is  not spinning at all
  • Washer is not washing clothes well
  • Clothes stink after washing cycle is finished
  • Washer is not cycling to drain the clothes well

Many or some of these issues could  be related  to electrical (program) or mechanical problem.  If any of these issues appear, or you might experience a different problem with your washer – we are here to help! The best way to reach us is to give us a phone call first as we might help you with the problem over the phone without coming to your place.  However, sometimes we will not be able to help you over the phone and in that case we will need to send a technician to take a look, diagnose and fix the washer (wash machine).

On one Tuesday my washing machine stopped working. I checked Yellow Pages and called Toronto Appliance Service Repair because of their reviews. I was not disappointed.

Making an appointment was easy. Their receptionist was friendly and called me back with times that would fit my schedule. She said there would be a service charge that would go towards my repair costs if I choose to get the service. Repairman showed up – he was quiet, professional and quickly solved the problem.

If I need you I will use your services again and I would recommend TAS Canada to my friends and family.

Mary Anne (Etobicoke)
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