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Wine Cooler Repair Service

Wine Coolers have become quite popular lately. It is a standard device for most modern kitchens. They are much more affordable, don’t consume as much electricity as  they  used  to and wine being very popular drink it completely makes sense  to have a wine cooler handy in your kitchen or dining room.

There are several different types of wine coolers. First would be a small table-top units that rapidly chills a single bottle, using an electric cooling device. These can usefully achieve the desired wine-serving temperature, particularly in warmer climates. This style of wine cooler operates most appropriately for white, rosé or sparkling wines which are usually served chilled. Next are larger refrigerator-style units that store dozens of bottles at selected temperatures. These are useful for those who do not have access to a wine cellar, as temperature and humidity conditions can be replicated. Most units allow the user to select the ideal temperature for wine, and some even have options to control two separate areas for different wines. Some units are controlled by a thermostat.

If wine cooler is not working then following are typical problems with wine coolers:

  • Wine Cooler is not cooling enough (wine warm)
  • Wine Cooler is cooling too much regardless of temperature setting (Wine too cold)
  • Winecooler is completely turned off and can not be  turned on
  • Front light on the cooler is blinking on and off
  • Wine  cooler is leaking water
  • Wine cooler doors are not closing properly any more
  • Cooler makes unusual noise
  • The fan is not working any more

All these issues could  be related  to thermostat, sensors, fuses or some other wine cooler problems.  If any of these issues appear, or you might experience a different problem with your wine cooler – we are here to help! The best way to reach us is to give us a phone call first as we might help you with the problem over the phone without charging you anything.  But  sometimes we will not be able to help you over the phone and in that case we will need to send a technician to take a look, diagnose and fix the cooler.

I have a KitchenAid Wine Cooler that for no apparent reason just stopped cooling. I tried to figure it out myself as I am quite handy, but the error code it was giving – I didn’t know what it means. I called TAS and they have helped me determine the problem, I ordered one part, replaced it and my wine cooler is working again just like new – Thank you TAS.
Ryan B.
Very happy with TAS Canada while servicing my wine rack cooler. I had to call about 5 companies just to find someone who repairs these devices. TAS was here early next morning, fixed the problem in no time. Awesome.
Mike Rene (Etobicoke)
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