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Computer Hardware and Accessories Repair


We  repair all types of computers – starting with desktops, laptops, tablets –  we do them all and we do all types by like PC, Macintosh and Unix/Linux based machines. If you have a computer and you experience some of these problems, then we can help:

  • PC Maintenance and Repair
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Printer / Scanner Repair
  • Routers and Firewalls
  • Wireless Networking Connections
  • Cracked Screen Repair
  • Notebook/Laptop Service & Repair
  • Keyboard, Mouse replacement
  • Internal and External Hard-drive installation
  • …and many more related problems/issues

We repair all computer types. If  in doubt simply give us a call and speak with our technician or request a service for  your computer or  hardware to be fixed. We can either service it at your location or at our office.

 ► CALL TAS CANADA: 905-621-1911